USDA Backs Down From Historical Opportunity for Doublespeak

An “unauthorized” person posted a U.S. Department of Agriculture plan to participate in the Meatless Mondays initiative at their employee cafeterias. The Farm Bureau jumped out of their skivvies and now the message is only available permanently elsewhere. Like here:



Shameless Tug-fest

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Is it? No, not really.  Earth Day was a hippy festival for exactly 1 year.  The following year, so many businesses realized they could profit off the second iteration of this celebration that it’s been hopelessly corrupted ever since.

That aside, HuffPo had a funny list of seven things you can do in your own life to be more Earth conscious.  Except for the four that you can’t; not if you don’t live in a place where it’s possible.

Of the four that are possible, here’s something interesting (I bet you can guess what’s coming):

The United Nations have concluded that meat production is responsible for around 18% of global CO2 emissions. 5,214 gallons of water are required to produce a single pound of beef, and the EPA estimates that more than 27,000 miles of US rivers have been polluted by livestock waste. Individually, you could make a great deal of change by putting down the meat and going vegetarian.

The other sensible ones: stop using plastic, eat locally, and don’t fly.

Unless you need to.

And don’t have a car.

Unless you live where there isn’t any reliable public transportation.

And power your house or business with renewable energy.

Unless it isn’t available in your area.

And don’t have a baby.  OK, so I like that last one.

Seriously, if you want to clean up poop and vomit, get a pug!

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