No more “Little Dictator”

For The Mars Volta’s sixth album release, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez cuts the Nazi-complex.

Though he admits it’s been hard to break the habit (“I’ve had 10 years of being a dictator”), Rodríguez-López says he’s seeing the benefits of loosening his grip already. “From 2002 to 2007, I cannot tell you how unfun it must have been to be around me,” he says. “I worked from 11 in the morning until 2 in the morning, no breaks, no going out for lunch, no days off. I drove an engineer mad. Another renounced me. I understand it now. And now, I stop, I eat lunch, I play with the dog, and I get four times as much done now than when I was choking it to death. Now I come back invigorated. I’m definitely happier.”

On the in-progress album:

A few days ago a tweet indicated that the Texan group were over at InfraSonic Sound Studios in Los Angeles getting to work on whatever they had to get to work on. It read:

The Mars Volta in-studio here for pre-production.

Which is clear enough. I guess the entire process – lyrics, music and all – has been going on for a while now, but it’s undoubtedly good news that something more concrete is happening, especially after all the talk of various recordings being ditched and general uncertainty.

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Personally, I’m excited to see what they can do without all the bad vibes from Rodriguez-Lopez overlording over the process.  They’ve got some great musicians, and lost a lot along the way, hopefully The Mars Volta can pull it together and once again give something great to music like Frances The Mute.

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