The Colbert WikiLeaks interview

I haven’t, nor would I ever, get this critical of Stephen Colbert.  Journalist he isn’t.  Powerful pundit? Yes.  But he’s more cultural icon than legitimate or profound thinker (not to say he isn’t intelligent, but at best he bats around the conservative/liberal nonsense with satire).

Many of the right people, today, are patting Stephen Colbert on the back for his interview with the Wikileaks founder. He is being congratulated for his moral seriousness, for breaking character to attack someone who, apparently, has really crossed the line.

He has interview many who were involved in the apparatus of enacting the Iraq war, or who lent their considerable influence to the war effort. He has interview, that is to say, the people who created the material conditions where the victims of this attack were placed in harms way, where the soldiers involved were placed in danger of losing both their lives and their moral integrity. That’s war, I’m told; you shouldn’t wage it without being willing to risk atrocity.

That’s a problem in American society in general, which this blogger identifies in his full post. We’re shocked by the horrors of war, but quickly hide behind yellow magnet ribbons on our car.  Sure, we Support The Troops.  We may oppose the war, but damnit! We love our troops.  Love ’em lots.

However, when it comes to condemning the people who put those soldiers in that Apache, who have ruined the moral compass of our soldiers with almost a decade of war. Who have so degraded our young men that they mock the dead and dying. No, never.  We’ll ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers with serious psychological problems – the walking wounded – but never raise our voices in protest to those in power who ruined them.

Or…. as this blogger puts it…

Yet despite the fact that Colbert has had ample opportunity to react to the people who are directly responsible for such devastation, he has never been so animated when confronting them. He’s never broken character to attack those who threw this country and its soldiers headlong into war while enduring none of war’s horrors. He’s never gotten so visibly offended. He’s never taken such an obvious stand…

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