Science Sunday

There’s a lot going on this week. Besides the above history-making event, there’s also this fantastic episode of Science Friday that deals with two aspects of humans relationship with food.

Human Omnivorism, the universality of crunchy goodness and our ancestral food habits – Here.

Why Tomatoes taste like nothing and how you can get better tasting tomatoes – Here.

And if you want to see why you ought to just not buy tomatoes in supermarkets at all, and learn to love tomatoes at the same time, you could read this book – Tomatoland.

And here’s the Fresh Air interview with Barry Estabrook, author of Tomatoland, if you want a summary view.


Science Burn of the Century

This… this is just fucking awesome. Go give this a listen. It’s everything wrong with the graduate school and doctoral thesis process. It’s everything wrong with the intelligentsia (as they exist in the university structure). During the call-in section, scientist and writer/director Valerie Weiss get’s posed a question, answers politely, gets rebutted, and then atomizes the caller while pouring herself a beverage and simultaneously lighting a cigarette. She’s cool as iced Swedish ice fish or something.

Listen (If you want to cheat, start from half-way through the clip.)

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