Evolution v. Intelligent Design – Proving the Religious Link

[youtube http://youtu.be/8hTZ5AYzs8o]

This is somewhat out-dated stuff, but in many ways just as integral to our discussion about American religiosity as the Scopes Monkey Trial.

I invite you to keep in mind a few disparate thoughts while watching:

  • Do the self-identified fundamentalist embody the humility, decency or honesty of their faith?
  • Do the scientists who identify as ID believers have a worldview that’s compatible with their position as faculty at a university?
  • What aspects of arrogance play out in those ID professors, fundamentalists, Darwinian biologists, and so on? i.e. who is the most arrogant? Who is being unreasonable or unprofessional or indecent?
  • Just what’s up with the Catholic author of the Biology textbook and the protestant science teachers (who are anti-ID) at the Dover school?
  • Who are they fooling and does this glimpse by PBS indicate a bias away from the necessary atheism that’s really on trial here?

I especially found this excited because the Biology textbook with the iridescent dragonfly is the biology textbook I had in 9th grade. In fact, I was in ninth grade maybe a year or two before this trial took place. If you’re of my generation, this behind the scenes has a whole other level of complication.


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