Good-bye Career Politician

Reihan Salam gives Charlie Crist the old-school conservative intellectual treatment.  Verdict: fail.

Incredibly, Crist was until recently one of the staunchest advocates of the proposal, thus making his insistence at the time that his veto had nothing to do with the Senate race ring false. One has to assume that Crist sincerely believes that Florida voters are imbeciles.

Many observers see Charlie Crist as a patron saint of Republican moderation, a sensible pragmatist who has been driven out of his party by frenzied Tea Partiers on a jihad against common sense. Some even suggested that Crist should join the Democrats. This is, in my view, a baseless smear against Democrats, who deserve better than to be associated with the likes of Charlie Crist.

But for the love of all that is decent, let’s free Charlie Crist from the crushing burden of public service and free him to become a corporate pitchman, alligator-wrestler, or country lawyer—anything but U.S. senator.

You must read this full article if you are a Floridian.

Honestly, there’s no better reason why I consider myself an old-school conservative than for mind’s like Salam’s.

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