Hints of Atheism

This is a really cool episode of Radiolab that deals with statistics, randomness and happenstance. You know, chance, luck, miracles. At least, perceived miracles and the illusion of destiny. The first act is also a really cool story. In fact, it’s like finding out Santa isn’t real for the first time all over again.

If you listen to this with an open mind, it may prick holes in your worldview. Especially if you say to yourself, I’m not special, I am not the center of the universe, the gears of time and space do not turn with me in mind, and so on.



Words Make Us Human

That’s the thesis of this piece by Radiolab. As a quick act of thievery from this piece, try to have a thought without using words. Learn more about that with that link down there.

Yet again, scientific discovery (of a personal nature) does this thing where I am overcome with emotions, sitting at my desk, tears swelling in my eyes in the middle of the work day.

Find out why! Science!

Note: Yes, it’s old.

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