Ryan’s Budget: It’s Evil And Actually Kinda Dangerous

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Paul Krugman* labeled the plan a “fraud” on the Sunday talkabouts:

The plan is a big bunch of tax cuts, some specified spending cuts, basically for poor people, and then a huge magic asterisk which is supposed to turn into a deficit reduction plan, but, in fact, if you look what’s actually in it, it’s a deficit-increasing plan.

That covers dangerous (e.g. painting a deficit cutting plan as a deficit increasing plan).

Where it gets evil comes from Ryan’s backtrack on his inspiration for his fiscal ideals, which I think I neglected to mention in this forum.

Paul Ryan is quoted saying, and audio exists at the above link:

“It’s inspired me so much that it’s required reading in my office for all my interns and my staff.”

Follow that with a quote in National Review saying

“I reject her philosophy.”

In the first instance, Ryan is referring to the book Atlas Shrugged and in the second instance Ryan means Ayn Rand‘s philosophy. The above link also has several quoted instances of Ryan getting elbow deep in embarrassingly effusive praise for the meth-addicted comic book reader**, Madam Rand.

The point of all this is just to paint Ryan as a fraud and it seems the only reason he’s made this pivot was to  appear more likeable as a potential vice president.

To wit, Ryan is clearly too inconsistent to be leading much of anything besides a fitness class for pillow-shaped Congressman. The man is deeply religious, but an avowed objectivist, despite Rand’s persistent insistence that magical belief is counter-intuitive to her entire philosophy. Ryan also jams out to the band Rage Against the Machine, apparently completely unaware of the lyrics, which paint people like him as worthy of murder.

What a fucking leader for America. Inconsistent and totally not bothered one bit.


*I realize a lot of you don’t even listen to anything the Nobel Prize-winning economist says because of his liberal nebbish-ness. That’s fine. Just move along.

**Her close followers essentially have confirmed the only books Rand read after publishing Atlas Shrugged were comic books and the equivalent of grocery store paperback mystery books. I make this stab because of the amount of praise this intellectually uncurious person receives.

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