The Daily Dose of Israelism

Andrew Sullivan explores the knee-jerk tribalism of Israeli-Americans on this flotilla issue:

No decent human being who has a grasp of history, let alone the enormity of the Shoah, can fail to have a deep sympathy for the Jewish people, Israel, and respect for its enormous achievements. But the fanaticism and emotionalism that many Jewish Americans have with respect to Israel is so intense that, for some, it overwhelms rationality, and makes a cool strategic analysis of America’s national interest close to impossible.



Pro-Palestine Protest on 56th and Fowler

Around 5 p.m. Friday afternoon, more than 25 protestors had gathered on the corner of 56th st. and Fowler Ave in Temple Terrace.  Women in hijabs, children, students and old men carried Palestinian flags, American flags and makeshift signs like one that read “Free Gaza”.

There appeared to be some students, but many were men, women and children of apparent Muslim descent.  A few American-flag carriers seemed to be counter protesting, but there was less than a handful in the 95-degree heat.

Passers-by honked horns, but the protest seems largely ineffectual.  It can only be a response to the recent incident on the Gaza aid flotilla.

Here’s a similar incident from January 2009, reported in the St. Petersburg Times.

Here’s a link to the organization behind the flash protest on

(Photos taken by T. B. King on his shitty 2mp phone camera)

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