Shameless Tug-fest

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Is it? No, not really.  Earth Day was a hippy festival for exactly 1 year.  The following year, so many businesses realized they could profit off the second iteration of this celebration that it’s been hopelessly corrupted ever since.

That aside, HuffPo had a funny list of seven things you can do in your own life to be more Earth conscious.  Except for the four that you can’t; not if you don’t live in a place where it’s possible.

Of the four that are possible, here’s something interesting (I bet you can guess what’s coming):

The United Nations have concluded that meat production is responsible for around 18% of global CO2 emissions. 5,214 gallons of water are required to produce a single pound of beef, and the EPA estimates that more than 27,000 miles of US rivers have been polluted by livestock waste. Individually, you could make a great deal of change by putting down the meat and going vegetarian.

The other sensible ones: stop using plastic, eat locally, and don’t fly.

Unless you need to.

And don’t have a car.

Unless you live where there isn’t any reliable public transportation.

And power your house or business with renewable energy.

Unless it isn’t available in your area.

And don’t have a baby.  OK, so I like that last one.

Seriously, if you want to clean up poop and vomit, get a pug!

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