A Momentous Act of Scientific Preservation

English: Ann Druyan (born June 13, 1949) is an...

My space-fanatic, liberal feedback loop has reached the point of singularity. The asymptotic line broke the paradox and touched zero. Behold:

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson introduced [Seth] MacFarlane to Druyan when Tyson and [Ann] Druyan were developing a remake of the enormously popular 1980 PBS series “Cosmos” that made Sagan famous. In the process of backing the new “Cosmos,” MacFarlane provided an undisclosed sum of money to the Library of Congress to buy the archive from Druyan. The library will officially announce the acquisition Wednesday.

MacFarlane is also reportedly working a producer-type role with Druyan and Tyson on the remake and update of the Cosmos series.

Holy. Fucking. Shit



From the Annals of Crying All of the Sudden at the Gym

If you read this regularly you may know – I really apologize, you should find something better to read if you know this – that I occasionally will post a podcast or a clip of audio of something that hit me in the emotional core out of nowhere while I’m working, running, lifting weights, stretching – that kind of thing.

Today, I had to take a little extra pause leaning over the bicep curl seat to have a private cry from this gem.

It was in the opening sequence of this Radio Lab episode interviewing Annie Druyan who thought it’d be a good idea to talk in an absurdly youthful and bubbly girl voice about falling in love with Carl Sagan where I might overhear it and forgivably start crying all of the sudden.

“For keeps.” What am I, made of stone?

*Here’s the link of the extended clip of the Space Capsules segment mentioned in the show, where Neil Gaiman, Alice Waters, Margaret Cho and others offer what they would preserve for other civilizations.

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