King Plurality

This just seems so weird too me. I can’t really find any news stories that echo my immediate thoughts. I cannot wrap my head around how the Republican candidates evenly split the Southern electorate. I think this indicates a deep problem. Sure, the South may just rally around whoever turns out to be the candidate in November.

It just seems dangerous to me (if I were a Republican, say) that 30% of voters want a blowhard, poly amorous  whale, 30% want J.C. Junior and 30% want corporate shill secret moderate.

That doesn’t seem weird to anyone else? It doesn’t look like a pissed off ant hill? Actually, it kind of looks like democracy.

P.S. Thank you, Andrew Sullivan!

Here’s my take-away. Even with the full backing of the Mississippi political establishment, and with a 5 – 1 money advantage, Romney came in third. He lost by a larger margin in Alabama. If this were a race between him and Santorum, he would have been wiped out tonight. The pressure on Gingrich to quit will be intense, but if Adelson wants to keep financing him, his own ego would rather rip his own party apart than concede to allow a final fight for victory between Mitt and Rick.

So the odds of a brokered convention rise slightly; Romney remains unable to get any serious momentum; and Santorum keeps winning the vote of those earning under $50k. The evangelical vote against Romney remains solid, unchanging, resilient. The dynamic of the race has not altered; it has complicated marginally in Santorum’s direction.


The Daily Dose of Israelism

Andrew Sullivan explores the knee-jerk tribalism of Israeli-Americans on this flotilla issue:

No decent human being who has a grasp of history, let alone the enormity of the Shoah, can fail to have a deep sympathy for the Jewish people, Israel, and respect for its enormous achievements. But the fanaticism and emotionalism that many Jewish Americans have with respect to Israel is so intense that, for some, it overwhelms rationality, and makes a cool strategic analysis of America’s national interest close to impossible.


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