The Republican Nation of Texas

Texas State Capitol - Austin, Texas

I have decided to take my travelings in Texas and make them into a feature segment permanently attached to my blog.  I’ll be rolling out updates and making them known on the main section of my blog.

First, we start with my introduction, and then I will proceed chronologically – as best I can – from my trip.

Introduction: A primer on Texas, the West and our worst misconceptions.

Part 1: A Cautionary Tale of Preconceived Notions

Part 2: Missing Visions

Part 3: Outside the Vortex

Part 4: Of Water Parks and Texans

Part 5: Cool Mint Cafe

Part 6: The Confederate State of Austin

Part 7: Dia de los Don Julios

Part 8: Bottomless Pancakes and Grocery Ephemera

Part 9: Texas has Art?

Photo Note: All photos taken by me, T. B. King on my shitty ass Samsung Flight.


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