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I was working on this list and figured now that Paul Ryan secured Romney’s nomination, it might interest some people. The link goes to a list containing avowed Rand ideologues and why you ought to run screaming away from them.



Greatest. Headline. Ever.


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USDA Backs Down From Historical Opportunity for Doublespeak

An “unauthorized” person posted a U.S. Department of Agriculture plan to participate in the Meatless Mondays initiative at their employee cafeterias. The Farm Bureau jumped out of their skivvies and now the message is only available permanently elsewhere. Like here:


Comic of the Day (Pro-Tip)

Comic of the Day

Improving Science Education

Slate has a contest of sorts to pick out proposals for new and interesting methods to engage younger kids on the topics of science and mathematics.

My friend Ryan has one proposal in this contest that’s particularly good and based off the product in this TED video.

His proposal is to engage elementary age kids with a more expansive type of building experience (think: Lego). One that has real world applications, however, using littleBits electronic, magnetic and engineering applications.

So go vote for his proposal!

Vote here.

Pretty Awesome

Just discovered this. Pretty awesome.

Comic of the Day


I think I am reading too much into this. I see something about the inherent fear of the suburbanite. Hmm.

Science Sunday

English: Entropy, Thermodynamics and Divergenc...

From the Annals of the Ironic Mind:

Calling the second law of thermodynamics “a deeply disturbing scientific principle that threatens our children’s understanding of God’s universe as a benevolent and loving place,” Blanchard is spearheading a nationwide grassroots campaign to have the [Second] law [of thermodynamics] removed from high-school physics textbooks.

Chew this over for some much needed perspective.


Comic of the Day

You definitely need to click the image and port over to the xkcd website so you can see the ‘alt’ text by hovering your mouse over the image. Go do it.

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