Vegan Astronauts… Don’t You Mean Cosmonauts?

NASA has planned their menu for the scheduled 2030 mission to Mars and it is 100% vegan. NASA explains their compulsory vegan astronaut diet because:

Meat and dairy products can’t be preserved for long enough to last for the entire mission, so the six to eight Mars astronauts will eat vegan diets while on the mission.

Not only that, but the Mars crew will probably have a hydroponic farm to grow bell peppers and carrots.

And, exhale. Holy shit I can be an astronaut! To Mars! And stay vegetarian!

Source and Source

Addendum: Of the top five hits on “NASA Mars Menu” or “NASA menu” or “Mars astronaut menu”, all five either completely botched and buried the whole vegetarian menu thing or failed to mention it entirely.

Notably, the top three all confounded the vegetarian menu discussion in the following exact pattern. First, they stated the three year mission length would not allow meat and dairy in the menu as it would not stay edible. Second, they all mentioned a hybrid hydroponic system to allow Mars astronauts to add their own vegetable produce to pre-packaged foods. Then, they mentioned under some systems they may have meat in their salads (precisely like that: a hybrid system may allow for meats in their space-grown salads. What about no meat/dairy? They gave absolutely no explanation of this confounding of disparate ideas). Finally, they mentioned any Mars astronaut would have to embark to space with a temporary vegetarian diet for the three year span.


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