The Higgs is Real

I’m going to try to help make this sensible. But first I have two summary videos describing what the Higgs-Boson particle is and what it means. Further down, I have a few lines describing how we know its there, followed by some links to more detailed information.

Click here for Scientific American’s video on what the Higgs particle is.

For the following TED talk, the post 10 min. mark is where Prof. Cox gets into the importance of this discovery, but if you want a good summary of the search for the Higgs particle, just watch the whole thing.


The Universe has once again done something wonderful — let us peek behind the curtain and get a glimpse of its inner workings.

Never forget this either: we humans did this. The discovery of this new particle, and the vast potential it has, was all because we’re curious. This huge machine, the LHC, was built solely because we wanted to find things out, and some people had the vision to fund it and build it. When we wish to explore, when we wish to see what’s over the next hill, wonders unfold before us. (Source)

More detailed bits here, here or here.

For fun:


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