Serious Terrorist Threat

The report from Reuters mentions the “mocking” nature of this threat. From that, its obvious Reuters has been subverted from within by a series of high placed moles. Al Qaida is striking back. We take out their leader and top brass and they manage to take over one of the three remaining real news sources left! Think about it! Newspapers don’t have reporters anymore. They just license out to Reuters, AP or McClatchy. Control Reuters and ostensibly you control 1/3 of the news Americans get. This is dastardly stuff. Cue image of dastardly.

Al-Qaida has put out a press release through their puppet media company, Reuters. The terrorist organization/media empire has offered a reward of chickens and camels for information on the whereabouts of the president and his senior staff. The press release goes on to say that Al Qaida feels anti-Obama mid-westerners are only a lifetime supply of chicken away from turning their president over to the terrorist network.

The reward of camels is puzzling and some experts have theorized about its intent.

Steve Doocey of Fox News postulated, “a reward of camels may be targeting Hollywood executives with free props for the never-ending stream of Middle East war movies that Hollywood seems to be churning out these days. The industry has made no secret of its practice of using camel gore as a stand-in for dead Arab-types.”

The state department responded with:

…a reward of $5 million each for the whereabouts of Khalaf and three associates, as well as $7 million for information about al-Shabab founder and commander Ahmed Abdi aw-Mohamed. A bounty of $3 million was offered for the location of two other officials of the organization.

Reuters responded that such promises of cash rewards will never have any effect in the camel and chicken-based economies of every Middle Eastern country.



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