That Sinking Feeling

Gov. Scott has just unleashed the local voter purge leading up to the national election this fall. Among the victims – Bill Internicola:

The World War II Army veteran and lifelong Democrat was given 30 days to prove his citizenship or be stricken from the rolls. The letter he received was one of 2,600 sent to voters throughout the state in recent weeks, to keep non-citizens from participating in elections.

The partisan bickering underscores the tense political atmosphere of a presidential election year in Florida. Though, 2,600 voters doesn’t seem like a lot, the 2000 contest between George W. Bushand Al Gore was decided by 537 votes, a bit of history noted by the congressmen Tuesday and by Sen. Nelson in his letter.

And with presidential politics heating up, Florida is primed once again to be the center of attention. A Quinnipiac Poll released last week gave GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney a six point lead over President Barack Obama.

Reports elsewhere indicate among those purges for “non-citizen” issues or listed as deceased, between 5 and 15 percent in some places are actually that – dead or legitimately not legally able to vote.



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