More on Republican Brain Drain

Today’s Washington Post carries an op-ed from Ezra Klein that subtly reinforces the earlier bombshell article by Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein that I published here. It put the blame for today’s hyper-partisanship squarely on Republican shoulders.

Klein’s article puts forth additional evidence from Richard Luger’s recent loss to Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock.  An example of this brain-split:

This has exerted a polarizing force on the Republican Party that simply doesn’t exist in today’s Democratic Party. Indeed, Senate Democrats chose to permit Joe Lieberman, who went much further than any of these Republicans in undercutting his party — even endorsing the Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, in 2008 — to keep all of his committee assignments. The move angered liberal activists who had organized a primary challenge to Lieberman in 2006. But just as primary campaigns from the right have shown Republican moderates that they must hew closer to the party line, the Democratic leadership’s embrace of Lieberman proved to Democratic moderates that the party would permit dissension.

This is the sort of clear thinking that simply doesn’t exist in the conservative establishment.



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