A Compelling Thriller, with Zombies. Who Knew?

Last weekend my brother sat me down and gave me the Walking Dead episode one to play. He watched while I played and took different moral routes than him (making it a nearly completely different game he said). Its a stunningly good game and I’m compelled to buy it and replay it on my own computer, so that I can lock into the episodic franchise.

That’s why zombie fiction is so interesting in film, novels, and comics, but can be so bland in video games. Most games with zombies turn into blood-drenched escapism where your only job is to kill as many as the undead as possible, but the real drama of the situation happens between people as they’re forced to fight for their lives against both the zombie threat and each other.

The above is from the Penny Arcade Report review, and it kind of is better than the television series which when you start thinking about it, is a cheap TV drama like any other, which when you think about is what Game of Thrones is, but look, stop me from criticizing my two guilty pleasures.



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