Donate: Make It Known

Yesterday, Facebook added an option to flag yourself as an Organ Donor. Intelligent discussion about what that offers can be found at The Dish* or in the form of a TED Talk, if you prefer.

Some instructions from Facebook on how to do this. Basically, it’s in Life Events under Health and Wellness.

There’s no good reason not to be an Organ Donor. That means people with religious reservations. If your god would like you to take life-saving devices implanted in your body to the grave, then your god is immoral. Period. The end. Still not sold? If you dispute your god and ignore his commandment against organ removal and go to hell, at least you’ll have been a good human on this Earth, and die knowing “maybe I’ll go to hell or maybe I’ll get lucky and be wrong about god being a selfish asshole and I won’t burn forever, but either way I will save the life of a few other fellow humans by doing this.”

*Yes, that’d be how I found out about this.


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