Echoes of Lincoln

While reading this article, I had an overwhelming sense of deja vu from Gore Vidal and Doris Kearns Goodwin’s portrayals of Abraham Lincoln and his tough decisions. Mix that with some of the foreign policy power struggle from Sec-State Clinton, Robert Gates and General David Petraeus spelled out in Bob Woodward’s Obama’s Wars

The article I’m talking about quickly summarizes some of the decision making behind tracking and deciding to act on intelligence about Osama bin Laden’s possible location. A year ago today.

Post-script: Before this post could cycle through the scheduler, the Romney campaign has released a statement saying “even Jimmy Carter” would have given the order to get bin Laden. A statement which belies its dishonesty with the simplistic understanding an article like the one referenced here can give. You cannot understand Jimmy Carter compared to George W. Bush compared to Barack Obama and make those kinds of comparisons.

Carter horribly screwed up Desert One – the mission to rescue hostages captured during the Iranian Revolution. Bush doesn’t even need examples of foreign policy bungling. Look what Reagan did with Iran-Contra. This is such a stupid losing argument for the Republicans to make.

President’s take credit for national security. They just do. The Left shit its britches* every time George W. Bush chirped about keeping the country safe after 9/11 during his re-election campaign in 2004. Whether or not you like it this is just the prerogative of the president. One of the job’s of the president is to make tough calls on foreign policy.

*Correctly – probably because it worked for the fear-motivated conservative mind (there’s scientific evidence linking fear to conservatism, back off or I’ll drop empirical evidence bunker busters all up in here).


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