Guns. Guns… Guns

In the continuing fallout from the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, the TBT has a feature on the steady progression toward’s Florida’s near sanctuary status w/r/t gun-ownership and gun carrying rights.

SB 436 | 2005 |

“Stand your ground” law allows people who feel they are in grave danger to use deadly force to protect themselves.

HB 687 | 2006 |

Gives public records exemption to concealed carry weapon license holders, allowing people to own guns anonymously.

HB 503 | 2008 |

Allows gun owners to bring a firearm to work, as long as it is locked inside a car.

SB 948 | 2008 |

Increases length of concealed gun license from five to seven years.

HB 315 | 2010 |

Prohibits adoption agencies from requiring prospective adoptive parents to disclose information about gun ownership.

HB 155 | 2011 |

Prohibits medical practitioners from asking patients about whether they own a gun.

HB 5601 | 2012 |

Reduces the maximum fees for concealed weapons license from $85 to $70.

CS/HB 463 | 2012 |

Allows people under the age of 21 to obtain a gun license if they have military experience.


County commissioners that try to regulate gun use could be personally fined $5,000 or removed from office by the governor.

Municipalities that keep records of gun owners can be fined up to $5 million. Florida statutes require state attorneys to take up the case of offended gun owners, and to “vigorously prosecute violators,” invoking language normally reserved for child sex offenders and violent criminals.



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