Scofflaw Cyclists and American Entitlement

“It doesn’t help our cause to be seen as scofflaws.” At the same time, he says, “I can understand why people behave the way they do on a bike, because the system isn’t set up to help them.”

That’s the understatement of the week. Mia Birk, an urban planner in Portland, Ore., who specializes in bike issues, says most rule-breaking by bicyclists is the result of poor design. The few people willing to brave the streets on bikes “have to be road warrior types because bikeway infrastructure stinks,” she says in an email.

The problem isn’t that all cyclists are assholes or that all drivers are murder machines. It’s ignorance of the laws and rights of cyclists mixed with a poisonous impatience and entitlement in American culture (present in both offenders here), best elaborated by this guy right here:

(key points around 3:00 and case-in-point around 4:00)

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