Purging the Blight – A Secular Solution

Is there a secular way to engage the black community?

Every rally and protest that’s been mentioned has been a religiously coated argument. There’s nothing inehrently wrong with this, other than that – you know – Christianity was the primary method of intellectually subverting black slaves into accepting a lifetime of servitude and the lash in return for heavenly salvation.

Tuesday night, 1,000 people gathered at a Baptist church to rally about justice, peace and proest in this case. Similiar events are taking place around the country and notable leaders weighing in on this case are almost exclusively using exclusively religious rhetoric.

Every admonition for change seems to meld and flow in between hymns, protestations, sermons, outrage and religious refrains. Is there a way to engage the very justified outrage in the black community without the crutch of religion? This issue wouldn’t evaporate without the church. Clearly, social networks have gotten this movement off the ground in the first place, but why then the immediate transition back to the pews?


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