The Blight of the Suburbs: A National Solution and Frankly, More Blight

Sen. Charles Schumer, pretty much your national exemplar of corporatism and opportunism*, has requested the DOJ review all the nation’s “stand your ground” laws.

Including Florida, some 24 states – nearly half of the Union – have laws which potentially allow for the exact same type of excusable murder to occur.

Schumer said Sunday he thinks the laws should be re-evaluated and changed, and that he’s hoping to see hearings surrounding the matter on Capitol Hill.

“I think we should examine this law. They’re all new, they’ve been passed very, very quickly and I think the states who passed them, if they find out the real facts, they may decide to repeal them,” he said.

In other news out of Sanford, someone plundered Trayvon Martin’s school records and found he was suspended from school three times. I had thought the school records of minors was priveleged and private to the highest degree. OK, fine, so they’re out. What do they show?

He was suspended for:

1) Having a baggie in his backpack that had marijuana residue on it, but no actual marijuana.

2) Missing school/showing up late

3) Writing the letter’s W.T.F. on a school locker.

Great. Adorable. So presumedly, this excuses his murder? I’m still grasping at why his privacy as a minor and a dead child was broken in order to get these records public. Perhaps to stoke up fury that he was clearly the nascent seed of a villanous black so-and-so? Perhaps next someone will dig up his budget audio device and reveal MP3s of threatening black people music?

Source and Source

*Not that I’m complaining so much that he’s being an opportunist in this issue, where he could potentially do some good. Still, his track record is pretty disgusting.


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