Foreign Aid to N. Korea – A Chance for the Moral High Ground

Herbert Hoover is motsly only remembered for failing to prevent to Great Depression and perhaps also he’s remembered for being an engineer.

He also is still remembered by some for being one of modern history’s greatest humanitarians.

I’m talking about Herbert Hoover because the United States stands to back down from a deal of supplying much needed food to North Korea. This change in plans comes because N. Korea is planning to launch a satellite, a move widely seen as a front to test a long range missile.

The administration is caught between a rock and a hard place now that it has made the deal. That North Korea is in need of food aid is in no doubt. Nearly two-thirds of North Koreans are dependent on the government-run Public Distribution System. During last year’s lean season, daily rations fell to below 7 ounces, which as the Los Angeles Times noted, “is roughly equivalent to a bowl of cereal.”

Enemies is one thing. Human beings is another. I won’t allow the argument that its a different time and a different place and things are more dangerous now than ever. It’s always a different time, it’s always a different place. Courageous people are the ones who ascend beyond those trite excuses, if anyone had the gall to make them when it comes to the business of saving human lives.

Anyways, I’ll put my hammer away and humbly ask you to consider the following and join me in a vaguely more idealist place on the other side.

There’s a documentary about Hoover’s humanitarian aid plan for starving Soviets after a devastating drought from American Experience on Hulu.  Give it a watch.

In any event, I’m probably dead wrong.



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