Science Sunday

The Sagan Series (Part 1)

(Update: Appears to be embeddable by different methods, I’m leaving both links to be safe)
My apologies that WordPress or the powers that be has/have decided to disallow embedding of YouTube videos. Nevertheless, I encourage you to go to the link above. There’s a series of 9 videos. I hope you watch them all.

If you’re interested in centralizing your sentiments about these videos, there’s a Facebook group here.

I have to admit, I watched these all while on the elliptical yesterday. Maybe it was the endorphins from an elevated heart rate. Maybe it was the music. Or perhaps Carl Sagan’s soothing voice and elegant presentation affected me as it often does. Probably, it was all of these things. But, like so often happens when confronted with this familiar collusion of sentiments, I had to fight back sobbing as I brimmed over with simultaneous joy, sadness and wonder.

Happy viewings.


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