Romney Has Triple The Delegates of Competitors

Math like that made it possible for Romney to hit 323 total delegates, according to NBC News’ projections through 12:35 a.m. ET — more than triple the number won by Gingrich (105) and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania (101) and 13½ times those won by Rep. Ron Paul of Texas (24).

The big question now, is whether the Republicans can pull themselves together and get behind the inevitable candidate – as much as they don’t like him. If they can’t, it seems the candidates will keep talking about how many Cadillac’s Mitt Romney’s wife drives, how detestable a college education is, state regulation of vaginal traffic, et cetera.


Post Script: Or, for that matter, Mitt Romney informing voters he’s looking forward to a good home cooked meal since he was spending Tuesday in his home state of Massachusettes. A good home cooked meal of chicken marsala.

Look, I bleed pomegranate juice and fart arugula and still, I have never had home-cooked chicken* marsala for dinner. Come on, man. At least fake that your normal.

*Fake chicken, obviously.

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