“Good! Fuck him”


Above, renowned dead asshole Andrew Breitbart, hijacks former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s resignation conference wherein Weiner apologizes for taking pictures of his penis and sending them to liberal groupies. From the beginning, Breitbart’s screaming id makes for very uncomfortable viewing. Seeing a full grown adult male throwing a  tantrum like a fat baby and gloating over this mess certainly makes my skin crawl.

Here’s a piece by Matt Taibbi that sums up Breitbart well enough.

In all the hand-wringing apologetics and pleas for respect because “he has a family” or “say those mean things about him to his kids”. I get it, it’s morally fudgy for me to say fuck that guy and good riddance. He’s got kids, that’s not cool – they say*. That sounds even crueler to me. You mean, he kissed kids with a mouth and raised babies with a soul like his? That sounds awful.


* I certainly don’t say that.


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