Celebrating John Glenn – The Glory and Shame of the Space Generation

The feature from the Perspective section in the Sunday TBT is pretty awesome writing. There are a few stories. One thing to keep in mind is Glenn’s refrain in the loss of a space program for our generation and the national embarrassment of piggy-backing on another nation’s space program at huge expense to tax payers.

Also, I appreciated both essayists perspective on the changing times. Our generation has simultaneously lost the naivete of the space generation, but gained a fatal case of narcissism. The implicit argument of the latter essay, that American’s just don’t get the point of a Space Program anymore. What does it have to do with me, they ask.

Fifty Years Since Glenn Orbited Earth

Feature story

Essay – Space Generation

Essay – Selfish Generation (apparently it’s only in the paper edition?)

In any event,  Neil DeGrasse Tyson‘s new book Space Chronicles deals with the end of space exploration and some of the politics behind it. It’s on my list. Perhaps you should put it on yours.


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