This Is All Bullshit, Right? OK. At Least We Agree On That

I only give a crap about this because NPR is playing it, so are all the TV stations I watch in the morning.

Also they mention it in the papers I read. So fine. Alright. It is an issue. It is a thing. Should it be? No. Issues should never make it to thing status when 58% of people whom are woefully deprived of their rights, as one side claims, use the product that, in using, they are woefully depriving themselves of their rights. Or something like that. Right?

But 58% of Catholics want Catholic institutions to pay for birth control. That was my point.

And the Catholic Church is still pissed off. They don’t want to have to pay for things they don’t believe are moral. Fine, OK. One, you’re wrong. But OK, it’s America and even a Church that unapologetically molests and rapes children  (that’s not true, they apologize to the pedophile priests who are ashamed and castigated and stuff when they are eventually caught*) can get litigious on the frivolous level of hot coffee burns fat thighs :: sue McDonalds and win.

So, today the White House shifts the payment of the birth control coverage on to the insurance agencies and takes the Catholic Church out of the loop. Sort of like how in executions, there’s a bunch of buttons but only one deals the killing blow. The point is the panel of executioners doesn’t know which one is a murderer. Therefore, the executioners have a clean conscience. Again, it’s dumb, but we move on.

The Catholic Church is still mad about this. Or at least some Catholics leaders are. They are still claiming they are being denied their basic rights. The right to practice their religion.

My only thought, the only possibility to me, is that the Catholic Church wants the freedom to continue to wage thought patrol on their flock. The ability of sheep, even of different faiths, that cohabit in their flock to break the morals of Mother Church must always be monitored. So long as employees are in even a private, profitable extension of the Church, like a hospital, their ability to make their own, grown-up decisions, must be reined in by Mother Church. The Catholic Church wants to be able to deny seculars and believers of other faiths the ability to think their own thoughts and make their own decisions. It’s about thought crimes.

Thank you, Mr. Hitchens. I couldn’t have made that link without you.

*I am so not joking.

Check out this video, it kind of shows what I mean. Wait til around minute 9 or so, and the His Eminence Guy proves my point. About “sharing in our values” even though they aren’t Catholics.


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