Burying the Lede: Religion: A Dying Trend, or Suffering From the Recession?

As so often happens, a tidbit of info get’s lost in the maze of journalism where in other mediums it would get picked up as the lede for a whole different story.

In this Sunday Tampa Bay Times reprint, Mormon’s tend to tithe more often – due to straight out shake downs by pastors* – than their coreligionists in other faiths (Catholics give the least at 1%, so you can share my impulsive HA! at that).

However, down in there is something about, well, let’s see:

Across the country in recent years, the downward trend in giving has meant that some churches are closing and others are experiencing layoffs. Locally, most religious leaders said they were making do with less, though they declined to discuss specific figures.

At Church of the Ascension in Clearwater, many staff members agreed to a voluntary reduction in pay. Then church leaders sent out a letter asking for more help, which they got. It didn’t mean that their salaries were restored, though.

And, of course, my thoughts drifts back to Hitchens’ ‘these are the death throes’ bit echoed by Penn Jillette and others. Also, I just now realize. My Catholic friends, who wants to fund an unapologetic cartel of pedophiles and a harbinger of anti-condom AIDS death in Africa.



The answer lies partly in an annual obligation called a “tithing settlement.” Each year, Mormon bishops meet privately with each church member”… [Get ready for this mental gymnastics, folks. It’s a fucking sight to see] “It’s not technically a high-pressure situation, but there’s absolutely pressure because Mormons believe that this person they are sitting across from receives direct revelations from God and would know if they are lying.”

(My commentary in Italics. Obv.)

Again, I invite a smug Hah! from my readers.


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