Cannibalize This

and Send it to your representative. Keep the internet free and fair. Check out xkcd as well.

Howdy Mr. Young.

I suspect you’re the benefactor of the C.W. Bill Young building on USF-Tampa’s campus – it double as the ROTC center for the campus. Well, I remember taking classes there as a student at USF, so, thank you. The building is lovely.
Now the heart of the matter. I hope you support the rights of the people to a free and fair internet. Piracy definitely is a problem, but punishing businesses for not keeping criminals or those with the intent to commit crimes from using their business is such a regulatory over reach that it makes a mockery of the whole problem in the first place. If you think the people don’t care about this, check out Wikipedia, today, 1/18/12. If Wikipedia thinks they won’t survive SOPA/PIPA, what can we say for everyday small online businesses.
Don’t let large companies like the music and movie industry frighten you with a jobs argument. The people stealing movies/music/software don’t have the money to buy those things legitimately. E.g. those companies are losing no money because many of the people stealing movies/music/software would never have bought them legitimately in the first place. I know I couldn’t have afforded it back in my less legitimate days as an adolescent just discovering the internet. Anyways, I won’t ramble.
Something surely needs to be done, but don’t let it be something so cynical and stringently regulatory.

Thomas King


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