Love for the Old Republic

Reminder: Today Update 1.1 drops – so log in and have some fun why don’t you?

Star Wars is the first game to make other people play the way I always try to; when I was getting set up for my first instance, I dropped a little RP while we were waiting for the shuttle and to my utter surprise Gabriel actually took the bait.  We ran the whole instance that way, and we were able to do it because the game’s dialogue trees have made him think, and occasionally think hard, about who his character might be.

Gabriel told me a story about he and Kara that gets right to it, I think.

Note: the link leads to the comic below.

The love from Penny Arcade continues:

I’m in love with Star Wars the Old Republic. I love the class quests and the flashpoints and the companions and the crafting and the space missions and all that shit! I could go on and on about how great I think the game is but that’s no fun. Here are the things I hate:


Oh shit, yea I did just tug you like that.


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