Keep An Eye on the Environment

In a state like ours, efforts to solve one problem are often at the expense of an equally valuable resource. This times op-ed piece points out some key bills currently up for review. One such bill deals with reclaimed water management, which Tampa’s mayor (Bob Buckhorn) just last week, came out in favor of. It’s HB 639:

Reclaimed Water; Provides legislative findings relating to use of reclaimed water; provides that reclaimed water is an alternative water supply & eligible for such funding; specifies contract provisions; provides for determination of uncommitted reclaimed water capacity by certain utilities; prohibits water management districts from requiring permits for use of reclaimed water; authorizes permit conditions for certain surface water & groundwater sources; authorizes water management districts to require use of reclaimed water under certain conditions; prohibits water management districts from requiring or restricting services provided by reuse utilities; clarifies which permit applicants are required to submit certain information; requires DEP & water management districts to initiate rulemaking to adopt specified revisions to water resource implementation rule.

Disambiguation (ripped from TBT*):

HB 639, sponsored by Rep. Dana Young, R-Tampa, would exclude treated wastewater as a resource of the state. The net effect would be that reclaimed water would no longer have to be used for public benefit. Regional water management districts would no longer manage how reclaimed water was used. Nor could they direct utilities to use reclaimed to ease any water shortage or similar emergency. This is a wholesale giveaway of an emerging, vital commodity. Florida leads the nation in using reclaimed to conserve drinking water supplies and to replenish rivers, lakes and the aquifer. This bill would take a valuable public resource off the table at the very time it is playing a larger role in accommodating growth and conservation.


*Fuck you St. Pete Times, you don’t want me to call you the TBT then don’t change your name to TBT. I’ll reserve tbt* for the paper of the same name but – I guess? – equivalently less important due to capitalization issues…

*this is actually how it’s used, right? It’s tbt*?

*These can stop now, it’s getting kind of redundant and I don’t think anyone gets your masturbatory grammar joke anymore or if they do they don’t care. Right. Fine, then. Carry on.


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