Sunday Science

NASA has two probes which launched simultaneously on a mission to lap the sun before coming around to map both the far and near side of the moon. This mapping mission will increase our current limited knowledge of the moon’s function and origins.

Interjection: I think our newspapers do a poor job of getting the the kind of tidbit that might draw eyeballs off of navels and skull-thumping ball sports. Not two grafs from the bottom, QED:

For the near side, the data will be 100 times better than what scientists have now, Dr. Zuber said. For the far side, the improvement will be a factor of 1,000. That precision will allow the scientists to test, for example, predictions of a hypothesis that the Moon is actually an amalgamation of two moons that collided long ago, with the remnants of the smaller moon forming the far-side highlands.

(the internal link is from the NYTimes and goes to a peer-reviewed article in Nature)

Very cool stuff, get to it: I was busy being a big brother and stuff yesterday. So yes, it isn’t Sunday today. But it’s a leap year I only just recently realized, so get over it.



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