Names Born from Slavery

I realized while reading this, I don’t often do anything racial or ethnic with my blog – not to mention that by prefacing this as racial or ethnic that I may, in fact, begin to spin-up the cogs in certain overly-sensative-to-racism brains about just what my intentions are or cause someone who’s not as smart as Cornell West to pretend to pontificate on racial issues like Dr. West viz-a-viz this article from the Tampa Bay Times.

Anyways, I thought it was kind of cool – to read about slavery and the names of slaves rescued. Obviously, very few names were taken of un-rescued Africans – that is, normally taken slaves. This article focuses on Obama – I guess because that’s America’s black friend? But, besides that convention, it’s a good read.

No, but seriously. Someone wrote a book called “The Other Barack” about the president’s father, mentioned in the article. Which, I get the name – but again, the hook of using that title sort of does this thing where it’s like that’s the only black person you know, Barack Obama. Other than that, all Black People are named – I take the liberty of presuming on behalf of the thinkers of previously mentioned hooks and conventions – Tyrone Rapesbitches and Washington D. Lineman Sackswhitey. Or whatever. Man, that was tasteless.



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