Cynicism, Atheism and Bottomless Hope

“Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist”
― George Carlin


My friend Ryan and I were batting this around and I figured I’d share it. This is the way I approach the religious question. In the below videos. The point isn’t that there isn’t a God or to feed more data into your liberal feedback loop.

It’s about the hopefulness and joy that some of us take with us towards the religious question. We sort of look around and want to know what’s up with you and why you think what you think. We want this in the most naive way possible. We want this because people are awesome. People are beautiful and loving even when they’re tremendous assholes. Its just, so much of human evil comes from ignorance and dissonance. Wrap your head around Hitler (or some SS guard) spanking a child for throwing a stone at a cat – or Hitler’s compassionate vegetarianism.  It gets confusing. But some people out there have ruined the game by making it about having the satisfaction of being right. Making the god debate about proof and evidence and how one side has none and how stupid they are for thinking what they do. I’m more concerned about why Hitler wouldn’t hurt animals (or more precisely, why he would hurt people) and also, why I put up Christmas lights before anyone else (fun fact: I am a stone-cold atheist).

The included videos illustrate something of what I’m talking about.


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