President Obama Promises Cake, Republicans Demand Icky Coconut Frosting

In the first few words of President Obama’s1 speech last night I waxed tremendously bored. Sometimes it gets difficult to defend the president and liberal politics in the face of so much bullshit. But, I quickly had to eat crow2 because the president turned on the jets. I had suspected from the bare minimum I overheard prior to this speech that maybe the president would use this oppurtunity to say to the American people:

You’re pissed off that there’s no cake? Here’s cake. Here’s cake for your children’s school and cake for people unemployed longer than 6 months and cake for the infirm and elderly and cake for small business owners. Here’s cake for people who drive and fly and do high-powered business. Some of this cake belongs to Warren Buffet, but see, he wants to share his cake. I am literally putting cake on the table, it’s all cut and plated for everyone. See, here’s the cake portioned for pretty much everyone. I am going to walk away from this table, all you have to do is raise your hand and an usher will bring you cake.

Thus, he places the Republican party between the American people and the aforementioned moist and potentially butter cream covered offerings. I had hoped that’s what he’d do, is shout cake at the American people and dare conservatives to tell Americans that there is no cake, that the cake is a lie.

Goddamnit it was too easy.

Also, hit the jump for some aggregate reactions from more astute political observers.

First go here to see a whole bunch, and I’ve plucked my favorites below.

To me, he sounded rather done with the preposterous business of bipartisanship, at least with these particular boys and girls. No more. He aimed at the GOP’s intransigence, its tedious hypocrisy, its do-nothingness and its deliberate defeatism. Obama cajoled and threatened. He essentially demanded all or nothing. He contrasted. He led. — Source

So the question for members of Congress ends up being simple: do you want to focus on the things you do like and compromise on the things you don’t like in order to get some action on jobs and deficit reduction? Or do you want to focus on the things you don’t like and abandon the things you do like in order to kill the legislation? All Obama can do is ask. Now it’s up to Congress to answer. — Source

1) I refrain from the moniker Black George Bush when he does un-compromising and bullshit-whacking things like this.
2) For you Ryan.


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