Dog Barks; Cat Meows; Adam and Eve Never Existed

I guess this afflicts some religious minds with doubt, bewilderment, you know: that dogs make barking noises and cats go meow. Even despite the wealth of empirical evidence on the internet. I mean, here’s one right now.


Though this video throws cold water on the theory that cats meow.


Maybe that’s because the Venn diagram of religious people and cat people overlaps completely.

The second video is probably what your average Church-going Christian actually experiences in their day-to-day cat interactions.

So, given all that confusion. The news that it is impossible that Adam and Eve literally existed causes other theological problems. Namely among Catholics who:

Catholics are required to believe not only that Adam is the single father of the human race, but that Original Sin is passed on by physical generation from him to the entire human race. It’s not something symbolic or allegorical.

I’m sure they can find a way to make it work. Probably by further barricading themselves against unpleasant facts.



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