Troubling Development on Dictionary Mastuerbation

I spent more time than it takes to look up a word on the Merriam-Webster website this morning. Yeah, I did a vocab test for fun. So what? Why don’t you do one. Try and beat my score:

Vocabulary Quiz

 Your score: 3440
Average Scores
  1. Teens: 1990
  2. 20-somethings: 2340
  3. 30-somethings: 2550
  4. 40-somethings: 2690
  5. 50-somethings: 2800
  6. 60-somethings: 2900
  7. 70 and above: 2760

One Response to Troubling Development on Dictionary Mastuerbation

  1. Pakiprince86 says:

    Your score: 3160
    Average Scores

    Teens: 1990
    20-somethings: 2340
    30-somethings: 2540
    40-somethings: 2690
    50-somethings: 2800
    60-somethings: 2900
    70 and above: 2760

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