Fat Tongue-in-Cheek

Part of NPRs series on obesity seems to include a lot of tongue-in-cheek mocking of the content matter, dropping in connotative diction that pokes fun at fat people and turns a pun out of the false melodramatic display of griefy hand-wringing these fat actors/actresses display in the series.

For example:

…on the small screen, fat people get shrunk into the same stereotypes.

…played herself six years ago on Showtime’s Fat Actress — furious that a bigger waistline kept her from bigger parts.

Those that approach it don’t always fare* well.

It was a huge hit with overweight viewers

And then there’s these clearly misguided quotes:

Kinzel clarifies that she doesn’t have a problem with fat jokes that are funny. “The problem is that very few of them are,” she says.

“Why do they have to be in sports bras and tiny shorts?” Fink asks. “It’s so people at home will be like, ‘Oh they’re so fat, that’s so gross!’ You wouldn’t treat animals on television the way they treat some of these people!”

Of course they are funny. Almost all fat jokes are funny. Name a fat joke that’s not funny. I defy you to. I mean, that second quote right there makes me laugh. Of course we treat animals the way we treat fat people, that’s how we make sure they’re good to eat. Speaking of which…


Read here my take on a previous part in this series.

* See Dictionary (noun)


One Response to Fat Tongue-in-Cheek

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Speaking of wich.”* Fixed.

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