Coupon Frenzy From Passive Aggressive Champion

This doesn’t sit right with me. Basically, theres a piece in the Times that an author sort of gloats that – instead of blowing up at perceived poor customer service or mistakes made by a company – she flatly states her compassion for the error, but she’s going to want a gift card, a coupon or some free food to make her not so damned upset about it.

Either you can live with the small failings of corporate America on the customer service side, or you can not. Maybe my Southern Gentleman antenna perks up when I read of the writer’s consumerist strategy. I don’t think a S. gentleman/lady would ask for recompense. An error-committing individual/corporation owes it to me to make things right. Either they’re willing to do something about it or not, but the thought of insisting on their economic prostration before their small scope of error horrifies me. It smacks of consumerist entitlement and Soccer Mommyism.

Maybe shades of grey exist here and we can make exceptions for really inconvenient errors, but I think either you truly understand sometimes shit happens and you forgive it or you’re just another self-righteous and entitled vulture squawking indignantly into the phone’s receiver. No matter your tone of voice.



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