What It Means to be Poor in Texas

The video is pretty heartbreaking. Dallas’ Section 8 housing voucher program hasn’t accepted applications for the waiting list since 2006. Once applying it may still take up to two years to receive the vouchers.

Source /w Video


Racist Source*

*Seriously, this was the third most clicked story when I Googled this topic at 6:30 a.m. Holy shit. I’ve not encountered something like this on the internet since my days of trolling white supremacist websites in the early 2000’s when most websites still had the barren mid-90s HTML look. The truly disturbing thing about the website is the way it seemlessly meshes legitimate news reporting (piggy backed off the mainstream press, of course) with tons of n-bombs and racist condescension, i.e. “typical n- behavior” etc.

I am fucking fascinated by this website. I cannot help but think there’s deep irony at work here. Profound satire on the level of Andy Kaufman or Zach Galifianakis. The brazen offensiveness done in an almost naive, pandering way. The genius type of racist undermine that Dave Chappelle managed until he realized how futile it is to try to fix American racism. Inevitably though, my pipe dream reality wherein every racist utterance indicates deep irony has to diminish. This is just oozing ignorance here. Oh well.


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