Catholic Charities Shut Down Instead of Assist Gays

“The idea that a religious entity needs to check its religion at the door when it takes state money is a false idea,” Breen says.

Some would say that’s exactly what religion needs to do. Some of these people might be Thomas Jefferson. But I won’t invoke the ghost of founding father’s to bolster my argument on this, the day after Independence Day. Instead, I’ll simply say the code word at the heart of the above quote’s rejection: separation of church and state. Not: religion operates outside the laws of the state. But that if said religion’s beliefs conflict with the laws of the land then secular legislation trumps percieved divine guidance.

In response to legalizing civil unions for gay couple’s, many faith-based charities shut down rather than face helping gay couples, or even heterosexual unmarried couples, from adopting.

…the law allowing civil unions has put the state and some faith-based organizations at odds. Catholic Charities agencies in five Illinois dioceses, which had received state funds to provide foster care and adoption services, only placed children with straight married couples or straight single people who lived alone.

As the civil union law went into effect, Catholic Charities in Rockford, Ill., ended its adoption service over concerns that it would have to place children with same-sex couples or face discrimination lawsuits. Catholic Charities in three other Illinois dioceses put licensing any new prospective parents on hold and sued the state.



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