The SCOTUS Game Decision: Right and Wrong

I posted this last week on the Supreme Court’s decision on whether or not to expand obscenity laws to include regulatory control of video game access to minors.

Insanely, Jon Stewart was 100% wrong, 180 degrees off the mark and – no duh – its cause he’s a dad. Stewart played the soccer mom liberal to Adam Sessler’s much more intelligent and beautifully argued Soapbox on the issue.

Let’s compare:

Adam Sessler: Why the Supreme Court’s Ruling Matters

Jon Stewart: Moral Kombat 

Hopefully Stewart was just being cute and didn’t really come down against first amendment rights and long upheld obscenity laws. It seems Stewart completely misunderstood the issue since he thinks state’s and stores can’t decide who gets to purchase M-rated games. I know Stewart doesn’t present every issue seriously, and he surely doesn’t maintain intellectual purity on topics between shows. He’s a comedian, I get it. But still. Let’s compare the two why not perhaps just maybe and learn something.


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