Machiavellian and/or Kamikaze-for-Jesus

This time, I’m going to aim a little higher than “Go read everything Matt Taibbi writes for RollingStone”. So bare with me. Also, the story’s illustration is just… just amazing.

“She actually believes in what she says… She’s real.”


Not just: “she’s going to win.” But that Bachmann is a serious candidate and no laughing matter. When Matt Taibbi suggests it and Chris Matthews’ analysis indicates she’ll win, well… knuckle up and let’s educate ourselves on the candidate.

One of Taibbi’s points I’ve tried to expand on is his claim that Bachmann’s congressional district is one of the whitest in the nation (at 95%). The 2010 Census Data for Bachmann’s 6th District seat isn’t available yet, so I can’t find the latest figures and how her district stacks up against the nation. But, her county – Washington County – is 87.75 percent white. Here’s an infographic of the state’s population breakdown (Minnesota Profile).

Why is this relevant? Well, her viability as a candidate depends on how she appeals to the demographics of the United States. Not just Stillwater, MN, population 18,000. Can the GOP still run exclusivist white candidates? With problems like not enough wide parking spots at the Wal-Mart for their SUVs to cart around their obese children and that the neighborhood home owner’s association won’t block deviant populations from moving in and darking up the place.

How she’s no laughing matter, I don’t understand. This is a woman who’s ostensibly so afraid of the gays that she’ll squat behind a bush at a rally to… what end? Judge them? Hide? Voyeur? Or maybe just get into the oh-so-comfy-to-an-out-of-shape-housewife squatting position? Taibbi thinks hiding.

She’s hilariously uneducated and unsophisticated. The hidden danger, well, you’ll have to read it yourself. Apparently, we shouldn’t laugh at this clown, but I’m less and less sure about reserving judgment.



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