The Florida GOP Liturgy: Get Sad Everyone

The St. Pete Times lists some of the changes that are making Florida a less desirable place to live. Vote for your favorites!:

• A women seeking an abortion will be required to pay for an ultrasound even if she doesn’t want one.

• Parents in the 50,000 poor Florida families who qualify for temporary federal assistance will be forced to pay for drug tests before the family receives an average $240 a month in benefits. Those who test negative will be re­imbursed eventually.

• Nursing home residents will likely see smaller staffs to watch over them, as the state rolled back requirements on staffing levels under Medicaid.

The take-away:

Scott won’t be on the ballot for more than three years, but every state legislative seat will be on the ballot next year.

Source (Check out the rest of the awesome changes! Wheee.)


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