Lessons from Adulthood

Miller: Remember when you used to think there were grown-ups?

Hardwick: Hahahah, I know

M: …Like Rogan has a whole bit on it, like ‘remember you thought there were grownups’ ..he’s totally right. I remember thinking, ‘this guy has all the answers’…

H: Right.

M: Somebody has all the answers, you think your dad knows everything. And then one day you’re like, your dad’s just a dumb dude like me.

Really simple way to put a great point about adulthood and the human need to trust authority figures. A great lesson about living on your own, is the immediacy of adulthood. You don’t become an adult. It isn’t an evolutionary process where you wean off your parents. One day you wake up and have bills and obligations and work and struggle desperately to maintain a meaningful social network. There aren’t any adults. Everyone’s just like you: confused, scared, nauseous, worried, impatient, eccentric, happy, overwhelmed, nervous, excited, bloated, aroused.

It isn’t so simple to say, there’s this guy who knows more than I do. We do the best we can depending on how confident we don’t feel in that moment.

Maybe there’s an argument against a Supreme Being buried in there somewhere.



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